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Services of OPW

Helping small business

  • Website work in Wix, Squarespace and some Word Press.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO), analytics.

  • Research, and selection of marketing digital tools and technology adoption.

  • Marketing advice, process improvement and implementation.

  • Budget and project management.

  • Critical thinking and problem solving.

Research and Analysis

More often than not I need to dig a bit to see what is going on to make sure I understand the challenges and possible solutions to your challenges.


It could be research and analysis into; 

  • the current situation;

  • the market,

  • the competitors,

  • your technology,

  • how people come to your website or your business,

  • their experience when they arrive or


...whatever is underlying the challenges you are currently facing.

Sometimes you know exactly the what, where's  and why's of your own problem and you just need extra minds to validate and fix the problem. 

Through this research, analysis or just listening phase I can help map out the right solution for your business.

Where are your challenges?

Website Optimization

Website optimization is:

  1. making sure your website has the most relevant content that your ideal customer would expect when they search for your solution, and 

  2. making sure when they come to your website their experience is smooth and flows easily to the actions you want them to take


The aim is to make sure all the marketing you have done to get people to your website is not wasted and that your website visitors are engaged and find you have the solution to their query. 

Make those critical initial seconds count e.g.: You don't have time to tell them your mission, you have time to make them feel they landed on the right page and how you can help.

To help achieve number one listed above I can conduct keyword research and work to ensure your content is aligned with what your customers are searching for when they need your service or product.

We also can create or update the structure for your website that helps with this flow.

Is your promise what they expect and need/want?

I  can run your website through an SEO audit to determine if there are any issues or errors that need to be addressed. I can work on these fixes too or work with your team.

But an SEO audit is just the start to optimizing your website. There are  some fundamentals about design and copy that no audit tool is going to pick up, yet they make a difference to the user experience. We can work to make sure your design and copy is not getting in the way of the flow.

Process Improvement

Your processes touch every part of your business and can impact your ability to give your website visitors, customers and employees the experience they expect and deserve.  


They can provide opportunities to delight these stakeholders or to cut costs by being more efficient.

If you are like many small businesses, it is difficult to stop and take stock of this, so you may need someone that will work to see where improvements can be made and implemented.

I can help accelerate these changes. 

Are you delivering on that promise?

Is your technology
helping or hindering the flow?


Marketing links it all together and I have a strong background in marketing including:

  • Strategic thinking

  • Email marketing and CRM

  • Digital marketing

  • Product consolidation and inventory control

  • Project Management

If you have a long
to-do list
let us help.

Research & Analysis
Website Optimization
Process Imprevement
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